industrial zone planning, arg-e bam, 2019

Design of the central street of Hesarak neighborhood, Karaj, current

heritage, urban regeneration and place-making, axis leading to the tomb of cyrus the great, pasargad, 2017

ali-sadr cave tourism complex, hamedan, 2018

underground development strategy, azadi sq. tehran, 2015

heritage, urban regeneration and place-making, historical zone, shiraz, 2016

Revitalization of five historical neighborhood centers, District One, Tehran, 2014

residential town, qeshm island, 2015

gateway multi-functional complex, kerman, 2013

design oriented planning of commercial, administration and cultural zones, tehran, 2014

urban design strategy, the main east-west axis of the city, tehran, 2011

residential-tourism town, kordan, 2012

urban design strategy, south gateway, tehran, 2006

rural tourism planning and design strategy, ardabil, east azarbaijan, west azarbaijan, 2009