LABBCC has evolved near 8 years as a multi-disciplinary practice dedicated to bridging between design at all scales; from product design to urbanism and other art disciplines like cinema. The work of LABBCC demonstrates a commitment to new forms of knowledge through making. With an approach towards integrated thinking, we enter the discourse on perception of aesthetics, and functions as part of a holistic conceptual process. Rather than focus on typology LABBCC’s portfolio is built on the process of conceptual design, with examples of cultural, academic, commercial, mixed-use, and residential projects as well as design for civic places and large scale urban projects. We are working exemplary projects in collaboration with extraordinary clients, many of whom have the objective to promote a standard of excellence that requires cross-disciplinary collaboration and flexibility for future modification. We strongly believe conceptual art and architecture have a main role in the discourse of place-making as well as defining the character of spaces and interactions of the people who use them. Meaningful design is core to all our pursuits

The academy of laboratory B specializes in the basic topics that shape the minds of architects and artists, as well as their special skills in how to solve problems and produce programs in various projects. The main and basic fields here include architecture and cinema. Two disciplines based on the formation of space that have many topics and points in common. Accordingly, academy’s courses and programs will be used by both groups. the production of educational videos as the best medium to convey information to the audience was on the main agenda of the academy. Due to the special and different experience of MotallebiPour regarding education and also his special ability in talent identification and counseling during the years of education, it is possible to have private academic counseling. In addition, a special type of specialized training workshops are provided to students privately. The purpose of defining these courses is to improve the quality level of intellectual foundations along with students’ practical skills in design and architecture……………………………………………labbcc